When you need the interior or exterior of your business property painted, who are you going to call? How about the commercial painting company with over 500 references? Look no further than Leonardo LGD Painting LLC. We offer excellent services, the best supplies, and budget-friendly discounts. Call (732) 300-6251 today!

Commercial-Grade Painting Services for a Low-Price

When a place as valuable as your company’s headquarters or storefront needs to be painted, you can’t just put a paint brush in the hands of anyone. You need a team of licensed and insured painters whose services go beyond applying a simple coat of paint. That’s where we come in. Some of our additional services include:

  • Deck Staining
  • Power Washing and Paint Removal
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Drywall
  • Taping
  • Skim Coating
  • Priming
  • Post-Painting Cleanup Services
  • …and more!

What’s more, our services even come with an attractive discount. That’s right, for a limited time only we offer a 5% discount on all painting jobs above $500.00!

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Exterior Painting: Catch Your Customer’s Eye

Regardless of what people say, the truth is we all make judgments and assumptions on how persons, places, and objects look. Appearances matter, especially when it comes to your store, apartment building, or company’s headquarters. When you’re constantly looking for that next window-shopper to waltz into your door, you want them to feel drawn to your business. You don’t want to give them a single reason to second-guess walking through your doors.

Whether you’re looking to touch up your existing paint job, or you’re looking for a complete makeover, we can help you. We’re capable of power-washing your exterior walls prior to painting, and what’s more, we’re capable of working quickly. We know how disruptive scaffolding, ladders, and dripping buckets of paint can be to a business. You won’t catch us slacking on the job. When we work for you, we’re on your schedule—not ours.

Interior Painting: It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts

Unlike many commercial painting companies in Ocean, we aren’t just professional, we are creative too. We approach painting the inner walls of your property like the way an interior decorator selects home décor. We’ll make sure the inside of your building is as welcoming as the sign on your door.

Single Day Painting Services

Are you looking to take care of your painting project quickly and with as little disruption as possible? Then we’re the team for you.

Our work is done on-schedule and efficiently. It’s not because we rush through our duties, either. To keep you and our team from racing against the clock, we plan ahead. Preliminary work like taping walls, covering furniture, selecting the best paints, and problem-solving is done ahead of time. When all this is taken care of, all we have left to do is paint.

The Best Commercial Painting Services in Ocean

Contact us today at (732) 300-6251 to book our services. We look forward to hearing from you!